The Fishpipe's inventor, David has had over 12 years in the adventure activity and amusement ride industry in the areas of design, research and development, operations, training, safety testing, and site design and build.


He has been volunteered as a test-pilot/guinea pig on many new rides and still lives to tell the tales.

David remains the only person (so far) to have stayed running inside The Fishpipe without falling over for the full duration of its spin cycle (90 seconds at 45 RPM). A prodigious feat, although he admits he had to have "a bit of a lie down" afterwards.




As the inventor of the double skinned inflatable ball, www.theogo.com Andrew has been involved with the adventure activity and tourism industry for over 14 years running the original company until 2006 developing the activity throughout the world.


Andrew believes that ties, alarm clocks and shaving daily are highly over-rated and just another sign of the oppression of the modern world - although he does quite like those places that sell little bags of miniature donuts.




Chris is trained as a mechanical engineer and has been involved in the amusement ride industry since 2005 specifically in managing the safe setup and operations of sites with OGO (www.theogo.com)


Chris spends his infrequent spare hours at home being routinely beaten in contests of skill, wit and ability.

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What is the Fishpipe?

The Fishpipe is the new ride from New Zealand.

Can't decide whether to go for a run, take a shower, wash your clothes or take up body surfing? Then why not do them all ... at the same time ... in The Fishpipe.

The Fishpipe is the world’s first Rotating Barrel Ride – a new and unique type of water ride where you slide further than the longest water-slide in the world!

Up to 3 riders at a time enter into the Fishpipe barrel; we add 75 litres (20 gallons) of water and then spin the barrel at up to 45 revolutions per minute (although we can slow it right down for the kids and those with nervous dispositions.) The water makes it so slippery inside that riders don’t get spun around, but stay sliding in the water in the bottom of the barrel.

Solo riders can try to run inside, slide, or even try surfing on their feet. With 2 or 3 riders inside they slip and slide together – frontwards, backwards, or sideways.

The Fishpipe consists of a steel frame suspending an inflatable barrel. The Barrel is rotated in place at up to 45 rpm by an electric motor and some clever electronics. Our water system removes water from the barrel after each ride, cleans and filters it ready to pump in fresh water for the next ride.



The Fishpipe Frame

The frame of the Fishpipe is constructed with heavy duty metal pipe, welded and bolted together.

The frame is 5.2 metres (17 feet) long by 2.3 metres (7.5 feet) wide and the entire unit weighs about a tonne. The frame, motor and gearbox, electronics, etc are assembled locally and then we put it all together and test run everything from our factory.


The Fishpipe Barrel

The inflatable Fishpipe barrel is big enough for 3 people to stand inside.

You climb in through the door hole which is then zipped closed to ensure you can't fall out, and there is an air hole at the end which remains open bringing fresh air to you while you ride.


The barrels are made up of over 150 square meters of tough transparent plastic material, over 1200 anchor points, 600 brightly coloured nylon cords, 50 metres of polyester webbing, and hours and hours of welding, gluing, and head-scratching while listening to National Radio NZ (mornings) and The Rock (afternoons) - unless Jodie gets in first and sets the dial to one of those doof doof music stations. Over 100 cups of coffee and tea and 200 gingernuts are consumed in the making of each barrel.


The Scale Model

The photo to the left obviously requires some explanation as a number of you have become confused;

"Is the Fishpipe REALLY spun with a giant hand-held drill?"


This is a scale model, cunningly whittled by David and tested by Barbie and GI Joe who gave it "two thumbs up!"